Benvenuto a Italy!

I can't believe that a week ago I was sitting in my kitchen at home in California thinking "wow, in a week I'm going to be in Florence living in an apartment of an undetermined location with an undetermined number of strangers." I couldn't even imagine having my visa by now, but thanks to all your hoping and praying and nearly filing a report with our senator (did you know you could do that??), I finally received it in the mail! Now, the longest day of my life and three flights later, I have finally made it to Italy. Here's a picture of me before those three flights, starting off with a good four hours of sleep.

Once we landed in Florence, we were finally given our housing information and were shipped off to our apartments. It's kind of unsettling to be packed into a vehicle with another random kid from America and a taxi driver who doesn't speak any English. My first thought was "this is who I'm going to die with if this taxi driver takes us to a secondary crime scene instead of our apartment."

But now that I've gotten to know Lilly and Kaitlin (my roommates) I think I can safely say that there's no one I'd rather be stuck in a scary new situation with. We've already had several very cute roommate cooking and bonding dinners, so I think we're going to have a good time. But honestly, everyone at SACI has been super nice, so I don't think I could've gone wrong. It's kind of like Freshman year all over again in that we all have these new circumstances in common, but minus the desperation and homesickness.

Speaking of the apartment, it's so cute! And like way bigger and nicer than I thought it would be. We have a full kitchen, TWO balconies and living room. To the left is the view from our kitchen balcony and to the right is Kaitlin peeking out of our window, looking out on our street.

I really enjoy the comically large, old fashioned key that opens the door to our apartment.

The duomo is on the way to school, but I prefer not to walk by there because I've lived here for like a whole week so now I'm a stuck up local and I hate tourists.

Here's my first cappuccino e cornetto (croissant) from a bar (caffe) by my friend's apartment. We plan to become regulars and make friends with the barista. I've found that most Italians here kind of roll their eyes and laugh when you try to speak Italian because they're tired of the constant barrage of tourists, but they really do appreciate the effort and they will challenge you to learn more and be better.

Anyways, no offense but I'm kind of living my best life. It is really hard to miss home here. I may never come back.


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