Oh yeah this is why I came here

Ya gotta love receptions. We basically get PAID to throw a big party every month. Well I personally don't get paid, but yanno... everyone else does. And I get free food at least so like, still a good deal.

This third Saturday was extra special because I got to quite literally take a walk in another intern's shoes. We have one intern who's in charge of the 3rd Saturday Art Walk (basically a walking tour of a bunch of businesses along Vernon Street that showcase artwork from Blue Line artists), but he was out today, so I handled social media for both the gallery and the art walk.

Here's the map if you want to check out our businesses: https://www.bluelinearts.org/artwalk

Not gonna lie, it was kind of difficult because I can't be both at the gallery filming live artist lectures AND down the street at The Fig Tree. I also thought it was a good idea to wear heels. (It was not! Working at an art gallery does not exempt you from moving heavy objects or jogging down the street during work, folks.)

Okay but for real, despite my whining, I actually had a lot of fun this third Saturday. First, I got to film the artist lectures which were super interesting because one of our artists launched us into a lively debate over art vs artifact. I like hearing about the artists' personal backgrounds, but like when do we ever make space for conversations like that? Especially with the general public and not necessarily "art people." I just thought that was so important and inspiring.

Anyway, then I ran over to Threads (thrift store) and Studio Co-working (work space), which are businesses that participate in the Art Walk, and I got to meet some of our artists and hear about their work. Sheri Park, our featured artist at Studio Coworking said that she threw a "buy, barter, burn" party where her friends could either buy her art, trade something for her art (like an avocado or something), or watch her say goodbye to the left-over art by burning it. I'm totally going to steal that idea.

After that, I pretty much just posted more instagram stories about the reception and chatted with long-time volunteer and artist, Franky Vanity. Apparently she's worked for the Blue Line as a receptionist, did crowd control for Burning Man, and now makes props with some prop making company that's currently working on props for the new season of Penny Dreadful. She's known for making these ceramic jellyfish. They're always among the first pieces to sell at the gallery.

So anyways, although I actually unironically love my cubicle, it was nice to get out from behind the computer an reacquaint myself with the art again.


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