Membership Medley Madness

Install week madness! Again!

This round is our Membership Medley Show, which is an annual exhibition we put on to showcase the work of our Artist Members. We have a LOT of members, so the gallery is absolutely packed with over 200 pieces of art. Since it doesn't have a strict theme, this exhibition brings in a lot of diverse media (this year we have some quilting, felting, mixed media sculptures...etc) and content. It's really exciting stuff and I'm a big fan of this years' selection, so I'm really looking forward to the reception and artist lectures.

With that being said, the number of pieces makes this show a BEAST to organize. Poor Cara, our Gallery Coordinator, is drowning in work, so I helped her out this week. I alphabetized some artist contracts, took inventory of the prints in our brand new print shop, and started loading up our social media with posts for later on this month so that she doesn't have to worry about it for a while.

This was my favorite print in our print shop. It's called "Labor of Love" by Yi Lin Pei.

Our curator is leaving, so Cara will soon be taking on all of his responsibilities as well until we hire a new curator or

I used to want her job, but I think it would be absolutely crazy to handle all artist interactions, upload hundreds of pieces into our e-commerce before every show, schedule all our social media posts, run the front desk, AND be in charge of jurying and artist notification and install. Long story short, Cara is a superhero and I'm glad that they found someone really competent to handle all that because the gallery has run so much smoother since they hired her.


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