Wisdom Teeth

I used to have four wisdom teeth, but I let an oral surgeon rip them all out of my mouth on Tuesday, so I guess that means I am actually not very wise. Just kidding this was actually a great experience. Wasn't that a plot twist?

This week, instead of going to work or doing homework or interacting with people, I got to stay home all day and binge-watch Netflix and eat copious amounts of ice cream and mashed potatoes. I did have to get minor surgery in order to justify it (and lemme tell you, I am NOT a fan of medical procedures), but it was kind of worth it?

I've been so unable to relax lately for one reason or another - getting everything together to apply for my visa, doing Italian homework (I'm taking an Italian summer class), work, trying to spend time with everyone... etc. It felt good to be medically mandated to rest.

And honestly I've healed so fast that I've actually been able to enjoy the rest instead of wallowing in pain. By the second day, I was able to walk and talk and it turns out that I really love mushy food, so I haven't really felt like I'm missing out on chewy foods.

So, lesson learned: Yes, it is scary as heck, but if you need a break, get a minor surgery. You'll heal your body and soul.

P.S. Please don't use this picture to blackmail me later on in my life.

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