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At the Blue Line, each intern is assigned a project that they work on over the whole course of their internship. Because I'm blogging about my internship in order to get credit for school anyways, creating a gallery blog seemed like the perfect project for me.

The blog will feature articles on current exhibitions and grants that we've secured as well as spotlights on our artists and patrons. Right now, I'm in the process of configuring the back end of our website to create a practical landing page as well as templates for different kinds of posts, but eventually I think I'll be writing a few articles? I'm a bit stressed about that part because I never really expected to be a legitimate blogger, but hey I've been managing here so far, so I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

***If you're not into boring tech stuff, now is the time to stop reading.***

The point of creating a blog isn't just so people can know more about the goings on of the gallery (although that is a plus).

Archiving older blog posts greatly helps with SEO, or "Search Engine Optimization." In English, that means that when you keep old posts on your site, people are more likely to see your website in their list of search results. For example, if the Blue Line posts a lot about ceramics, our website will be more likely to show up at the top of a Google search when someone searches "ceramics."

This blog page will also serve as the template for a new Calls to Artists page. With our current Calls to Artists page, we have to upload the call graphic, prospectus, and application separately and connect them to different buttons (which is super inconvenient for us and kind of confusing for our users).

Our current Calls to Artists set up (note all the buttons):

Once the new page is set up, we can post all of our calls as blog posts. This will allow us to upload everything at once and in the same place so that our artists don't have to hunt around for information.

So anyways, I'm excited! I feel like this will be a really useful tool for the Blue Line. I'm just praying that I'm a good enough writer and technologically savvy enough to pull it off. Wish me luck!


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