Blue Line Arts (Again!)


This summer, I'm interning again at the Blue Line Gallery in downtown Roseville. As the "Gallery Intern," I do everything from social media to website updates to designing and ordering postcards for show advertisement. Interns also get to pick out a bigger main project to work on throughout their whole time at the gallery. This year, my main project is to start up a gallery blog where people can read about new shows, opportunities for artists, and other gallery news (which is actually perfect because I need to write blog posts in order to get school credit for my internship anyway!).

I also get to attend special events, which is probably my favorite part of working at the Blue. Every third Saturday, we have a reception - either to celebrate the opening or the closing of a show. This most recent Saturday, we had the closing reception for "Off Center," which is the Blue Line's annual international ceramic competition.

For me, the closing period of a show is the most exciting time in a gallery's cycle. Closing receptions are super fun because I get to meet all the artists and learn more about their work, hear who's won the awards (if it's a contest like this last show), and meet people in our community who are enthusiastic about supporting the arts. They even have live entertainment (this Saturday it was acoustic guitarists) and apparently now wine tasting (I'm not sure if they're going to continue that at every reception, but man it was a big hit this Saturday).

A big part of my job is posting on the gallery's instagram. Here are some stories I took throughout the night to get people excited about the reception:

There was also separate party to celebrate the completion of five new murals that were painted for the Roseville Mural Project. My bosses led a mural walk and pub crawl around the city in the pouring rain to check them out. (These are some dedicated women.) Here's my favorite one (located in the parking garage right next to the gallery):

The closing period is also when we start gearing up for the next exhibition. This weekend, we'll begin the process of collecting work for "The Rock Show." This group of work is inspired by rock and roll, so I'm really excited to see what we get.

Artworks Pictured (In order from top to bottom)

1. "Blanca," Deborah Bridges

2. "Purple Toroid," Maxwell Mustardo

3. "Junction," Ellie Gainey, City of Roseville Parking Structure Mural


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