Faux Marble

Today's post is pretty short because I spent most of the day focused finishing touches.

I did, however learn how to do this "faux marble" technique to cover the white frame around my painting. (I think it looks a little more like granite, but Nina called it marble, so we'll just trust her on that.)

It was super simple - I just dabbed on super watered down tempera with a sea sponge. I did three layers - blue, redish purple, and gray (just really watery black). Between each layer, I brushed on shellac that was super watered down with denatured alcohol. The shellac protects what's been painted from being damaged by any successive layers. We watered it down with alcohol so that it wasn’t so thick and so that it would dry faster because alcohol can evaporate really fast.

Nina says that forgers often use a lot of shellac. Under UV lights, the shellac floresces bright orange. So sometimes when you look at a forged painting under UV light, it’ll light up like a christmas tree.

So here's the finished painting:


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