Sketch Pages

After solidifying my concept, I block out the main details with two or more thumbnails, and a half page sketch. As you can see, I often change the direction I'm going in from sketch to sketch. By the time I reach the canvas, I have a completely different image in mind than I started with.

Work In Progress

"Emotional Cliff" Acrylic on Canvas. 18"x24"

Emotions are integral to humanity. Feelings are what set us apart from rocks and stars. "Emotional Cliff" is about looking for trouble and complicating our own lives just to avoid feeling numb. If life were easy, there would be no point in living it. We pitch ourselves off of emotional cliffs in the hopes that we will fall in love or onto something painful. I hope to convey this concept through the expressiveness of this painting.

I want this to be pretty loose compared to my other works, so I'm exploring painterly techniques again. So far, there's not much of a story to see because I have only mapped out a figure, but I plan on adding some sort of natural landscape to the background. Maybe a literal cliff? We'll see...